Ben Kingsley in talks to play Iron Man 3 villain


Once The Avengers comes out next month, we’re probably going to be seeing a lot more news out of the upcoming Shane Black written and directed Iron Man 3. The latest bit shows veteran actor Sir Ben Kingsley in final talks to play the film’s central villain. Obviously, there’s a pretty big clamp on details at the moment, as the only vague plot description we have of Iron Man 3 is that it’ll involve nanobots, but insider sources for Variety state that Kingsley is not playing The Mandarin, the vaguely racist Chinese descendant of Genghis Khan that is vaguely alluded to in the previous two Iron Man films. Granted, such casting wouldn’t make a great deal of sense, but Kingsley’s played frigging Ghandi. I think playing a Chinese warlord with magic rings wouldn’t be THAT big a stretch.

Hang on, now. He totally should play Ghandi. His main move will be firing a large frozen turkey out of a cannon. It’s called the Hunger Strike. Also, he immediately turns off Tony Stark’s British-voiced J.A.R.V.I.S. system with a cry of “BRITISH AI MUST GO!”

Iron Man defeats him by shooting him in the chest in a public place.

[Via Variety Showblitz]