Ben Kingsley is the Mandarin in Iron Man 3


Among Marvel’s slew of news released during its Comic-Con panel, an exclusive to the panel trailer finally confirms Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, the magical bling bling wearing Chinese stereotype supervillain. Although it’s been rumored for a while, it’s pretty comforting to hear that Kingsley is bringing his extremely capable Ghandi chops to the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Iron Man 3 is shaping up pretty well. Iron Man himself is now a “yellow-belly,” “Phase Two” begins apparently, and Tony Stark is finally going up against arguably his most notable foe. 

What could the Mandarin mean for Iron Man 3? No idea, but there is a strong chance of explosions. All I know for sure is that since Stark’s villains are now of the “super” variety, Stark himself needs to make the transition from hero to “super” hero. See what I did there? I’m a genius. 

[via Collider]