Ben Stiller making 12 fake movie trailers


It’s a general agreement that almost every second of Tropic Thunder was hilarious. And what do we do with hilarious things, Hollywood? We beat them until they’re dead and boring. There is one part of Tropic Thunder that could actually use a little more beating and that’s the film’s fantastic fake trailers. It seems Stiller realizes this and has announced that his production company, Red Hour Digital, has begun work on The Fake Trailer Project.

This project will produce twelve (hopefully) hilarious fake trailers that will be distributed digitally at the rate of one per week this winter. The idea is to bring together a bunch of top Hollywood talent to make each trailer and then unleash them on the world. With Stiller’s connections in the world of comedy we’re sure to see some pretty heavy hitters both in front of and behind the camera for this. 

No word on if we’ll have to pay to see these, but I’d assume that we’ll probably get a deal where you get some free and are charged for the rest.

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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