Benedict Cumberbatch to make Smaug way sexy


I feel a little weird describing a dragon as “sexy,” but Benedict Cumberbatch demands such descriptions. Martin Freeman and Sir Ian McKellen previously let slip that the actor would be involved with The Hobbit, but it was just recently revealed that he will be providing the voice for Smaug, the gold-loving dragon that Bilbo and his party set out to defeat. Cumberbatch will also be lending his face to the dragon with motion capture. I’m not a big fan of motion capture as a whole, but as I’ve mentioned before, it works a lot better when the subject isn’t human.

I’ve been a big fan of Cumberbatch since seeing him in the BBC series Sherlock, and have been creepily stalking the rest of his work since then. He’s pretty fantastic, and his name sounds simply amazing with a British accent, even when mispronounced by our own Xander Markham. Just listen to that sound! It instantly makes me want tea and crumpets.

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