Benedict will Cumberbatch all over Star Trek 2 as villain


Sherlock Holmes, Smaug, and Star Trek villain: all of them kind of begin with an S, and all of them will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. We aren’t sure who the villain in the new Star Trek will be, but I am pretty sure Cumberbatch will do a wonderful job. I got the chance to see Danny Boyle’s filmed stage version of Frankenstein where he traded off with Jonny Lee Miller for the roles of Frankenstein and the monster. Having already seen Cumberbatch play a more civilized character in Sherlock, I saw the version where he played the monster, and he did an admirable job. I’m really interested in seeing him play a slightly less intellectual villain.

If the reboot is following the general direction of the original movies, there’s a good chance Cumberbatch will be playing Khan. I’d like to feel his wrath, if you know what I mean. I think you do.

[Via Variety]