Beverly Hills Cop 4 and Top Gun 2 confirmed


Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has reunited with Paramount Pictures, according to Deadline, and he’s already got a few projects lined up. There’s a sequel to Top Gun coming, because Top Gun is a recognizable brand. You know what else is a recognizable brand? Beverly Hills Cop, which is finally getting a fourth installment, directed by Brett Ratner and starring Eddie Murphy. Don’t we have laws against graverobbing in this country?

This news comes after Disney passed on Bruckheimer’s first look contract back in September, and marks the beginning of a new three-year deal between the producer and the mega-studio. At the moment, Top Gun 2: Maverick Harder and Beverly Hills Cop 4: Maybe It’s A Reboot? are the only confirmed projects, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing about more sequel news in the coming months.

No word on how this affects Bruckheimer’s plans to resurrect the Bad Boys franchise, but I imagine since he’s only assisting on scriptwriting duties, that project will move ahead just fine.

Every time someone talks about bringing old action franchises back from the dead, I can’t help but think of Lethal Weapon 5. You can’t do better than Mac and Dennis, so why even try?

[via Deadline]