Beverly Hills Cop 4 in the works, Eddie Murphy on board


Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny, irreverent and made good movies? Think back… way back. You either just thought of a red leather jump suit or Beverly Hills Cop. The former was pretty much tarnished the second it was created, the second is about to be as Hollywood is going to make a Beverly Hills Cop 4 and Eddie Murphy is on board. 

The film has been rumored and worked on for a while now, but after the recent television pilot didn’t get picked up, but did test well, Paramount is salivating over the idea that the franchise could still be popular. As such they’ve brought on Ghost Protocol writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec to write up a new script so that the movie can once again possibly be made. 

If this was any other classic franchise I might have some hope since the writers are solid, but Murphy has done absolutely nothing in the past decade or so to earn my trust, and even when he might have started to claw it back with Dreamgirls he instantly blew the opportunity with every movie after that. 

[via Indiewire]

Matthew Razak
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