Big Dark Knight Rises-related news ahoy!


This article’s header, drawn by internet deviant Retrouvailles is based on a real, silver-age Batman cover, and has nothing to do with the news story (unless it does, in which case Dark Knight Rises will become the best comic movie of all time). In the interest of not revealing any sort of clue related to the spoilers until after the jump, I opted for adorable pink rainbow Batman.

To see the juicy, spoil-y bits, hit the jump.

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Also, this is all tenuous at best, what with Warner Brothers declining to comment (no surprise there). So take the following with a grain of salt:

Liam Neeson was on set on Monday to shoot a scene reprising his role as Ra’s al Ghul. That stands to be pretty major news, especially since Nolan’s planning on tying the trilogy with a nice, neat bow. This also would confirm the long-speculated rumor that his trademark Lazarus Pits are involved, or there will be some flashbacks. Either way, we’re looking at Liam Neeson returning to the role of Ra’s.

My thoughts on reusing villains is well documented here, but this doesn’t bother me like Lex Luthor’s stupid, bald head in every (canon) Superman movie. If the Joker is Batman’s worst enemy, Ra’s is his greatest rival (at least in the eyes of Ra’s). I don’t care for Ra’s al Ghul personally, but in the cinematic sense it works. He uses the Lazarus Pit to come back and fight our man Bats again, or take over the world with eco-terrorism, or whatever the hell it is that Ra’s al Ghul does.

Even though I don’t really care about Ra’s al Ghul, I’m going to see, and undoubtedly love, The Dark Knight Rises. And with DC’s cancellation of Secret Six, the best comic they put out at the moment, this film may be the next time we see Bane in any sense, even if he looks like a reject from Mortal Kombat. How do you feel about this possible turn of events?