Big Hero Six gets its first six character posters


Did the first trailer for Big Hero Six leave you scratching your head a bit? After all, there are supposed to be six heroes and we only saw two. Here’s the rest in glorious poster form. Actually, it’s a pretty cool look all around, and from what I can glean at least kind of resembles the comic book… not really. It more resembles a desire to market and sell these guys as awesome kid’s toys, but they still do look cool. 

I like that you can put the posters together and make one big image as well. Nice touch. Obviously the animation is pretty heavily leaning towards the Wreck-It Ralph Disney style and that’s fine. The characters look to be falling into pretty stereotypical norms (girl in pink again?), but its a kid’s movie so that’s to be expected. 

[via io9]

Matthew Razak
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