Bill and Ted are back in new trailer for the third film

BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC Official Trailer #1 (2020)

2020 has been one heck of a year so far, with the film industry impacted by it like the rest of us. With delays, postponements, and general ambiguity coloring the headlines every day, we could use some… excellent news. Courtesy of Orion Pictures, today brings the first trailer for the long-awaited return of the most tubular of time-traveling dudes, Bill S Preston Esquire (Alex Winter) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

Embarking on wormhole-weaving escapades once again, the titular two are looking to unite the world with a song, but have spent the past three decades just unable to come up with the proper tune to turn things around. The solution? Time travel, of course.

Naturally Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are back for the third entry, this time being directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest), with Steven Soderbergh lending a hand in producing. 

Though the state of American theaters is still a tenuous one, Bill and Ted are set to Face the Music this year, with the trailer vaguely mentioning “2020.” The current date sits at August 21st this year, with any updates to come.