Bill Coors: The Will to Live hits theaters in October


Bill Coors: The Will to Live Trailer FINAL from KDC & Films on Vimeo.

“One Man’s Historical, 102 Year Journey and a Legacy of Mental Health”

The incredible true story of Bill Coors the Coors Brewery titan comes to life in the new documentary, Bill Coors: The Will To Live. After recently celebrating his incredible 102nd birthday Bill Coors, his family, coworkers, and admirers all come together looking back on his life’s work. The film also delves into his struggles with mental health issues, his contributions to important causes and his impact on American History.

Interestingly enough Coor’s was one of few breweries to survive Prohibition in the United States by creating other products for sale, these other items are still available today.

The film sounds interesting for fans of the brand, the man and history buffs. It has also won a string of awards including “Best Documentary Feature and Special Mention for “Best Female Director, Feature Documentary,” at the 2018 IndieFest Film Awards.

Bill Coors: The Will To Live will have a very short engagement in theaters opening this October in select cities. Those who can’t make it to theaters can watch it on Video on Demand on November 1st.

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