Bill Hader’s two upcoming projects sound cool, different


Bill Hader is starting to take off, and that’s just awesome. The dude is hilarious, and he’s too good for Saturday Night Live. He’s currently developing two very different, very interesting-looking projects. The first is Vaughn Meader, a biopic of an American comedian famous for his impersonation of President John F. Kennedy. You can see what the major hurdle there might be. It is described as “dark but sweet.”

The second project has me pretty excited. It’s called Henchman, directed by The Lonely Island member and SNL writer Akiva Schaffer. Hader and an uncast second character slowly realize that they are the minions in a Bourne-style spy movie. Hader had this to say on the film’s style: “The aesthetics of a ‘Bourne’ movie, the shaky and handheld camera, that documentary feeling is how they shoot comedy these days, like ‘The Office’ and ‘Delocated,’ and so we realized we could keep that same style.”

The biopic sounds different, at least. It’s always nice to get a movie about a minor person in the entertainment/history worlds, but the second one sounds great. There’s a real opportunity to deconstruct the genre while telling an interesting and hopefully funny story. Also, Bill Hader is tits, so that helps things.

[Via Dark Horizons]