Bill Murray is supposedly down for another Ghostbusters film


In a recent outing at the Cannes Film Festival, comedy legend Bill Murray indicated that he’d be willing to return for another Ghostbusters sequel. Jason Reitman, son of Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, is set to direct an unnamed sequel and Murray seems game for that. Speaking to IndieWire, Murray laughingly said, “This franchise [Ghostbusters] paid for my son’s college. We made this thing. We are the caretakers of it. It’s a great thing and it was a really fun movie to make.”

Elaborating further, Murray detailed that he holds no ill will against his co-stars from the film. “They’re wonderful people,” he said. “Danny [Ackroyd], Ernie [Hudson], Harold [Ramis], Rick Moranis, Annie Potts — they’re some of the coolest people and they had real careers…They really understand what it is to be a movie actor.” It seems the main roadblock all this time has been with Sony.

“The relationship you have with those people as collaborators,” Murray stated, “is not necessarily the relationship I have with Sony. For years, they said, ‘We can’t make another ‘Ghostbusters‘ because Bill Murray won’t change the deal he made in 1984.’ Well, no, I never did.” He then clarified that the reason he appeared in the 2016 reboot was because of his support for Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy, two actresses that have roots in Saturday Night Live such as Murray.

That disdain for Sony is certainly backed up by the man’s attitude towards big Hollywood productions. Murray touched on that, as well, telling Indie Wire, “I think they [movie studios] really do crunch the numbers of how many Twitter followers we have and all that stuff. I think that actually is a factor, but since I have no Twitter followers, I’m not a bankable person in their world. I’m a big negative on a movie.”

Long story short, Murray never disliked Ghostbusters as a franchise. While he wasn’t happy with how Ghostbusters 2 turned out and was even reportedly dissatisfied with the script Dan Aykroyd came up with for Ghostbusters 3, he has nothing but respect for the series that launched his career. Hell, he even appeared in the video game from 2009, which didn’t have involvement from Sony. Whatever form the next Ghostbusters takes, we can almost be sure that Murray will be involved.

Bill Murray Says He’s Ready to Do Another ‘Ghostbusters‘: ‘It Paid For My Son’s College’ [Indie Wire]

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