Bill Nighy to be demonized in I, Frankenstein?


An adaptation based on the graphic novel of the same name, I, Frankenstein is similar to that of the Underworld series in that it takes place in a contemporary setting but has demons and monsters and stuff… and they also both feature Bill Nighy in villain-type roles. Bill Nighy has been sought after to play the role of the “demon prince.” Can you say “typecast”? The synopsis can be summed up in as many words as “Victor Frankenstein stands between the human race and an uprising of supernatural creatures bent on taking over the world.” Exciting stuff. Stuart Beattie is set to direct and Aaron Eckhart is set to play Victor Frankenstein.

The plot of the movie apparently revolves around the demon prince trying to hunt down Victor Frankenstein in order to obtain his secret for reviving the dead so that he can weaponize it to resurrect his own army… This sounds like a sound plot, if not for the fact that it’s a demon prince leading this manhunt. You would think demons would have the power to raise the dead and do all kinds of supernatural voodoo without the help of a mere mortal… but that’s just my interpretation. Perhaps they’ll have some kind of justification for it, like they can’t raise the dead after Labor Day or something like that.

[Via /Film]