Bill Skarsgard cast as Pennywise the clown in new adaptation of Stephen King’s It


The last time Stephen King’s “It” was adapted to film, I was still in diapers (i.e. I was 10). The book was made into a two night television event which was largely forgettable outside of Tim Curry’s epic performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Fast-forward 26 years and I’m still of that same opninon, so understandably, when New Line announced they were creating an adaptation in 2012, it meant those were some big shoes to fill, and not just because they’re clown shoes.

Bill Skarsgard is now signed to play It/Clown/creature-from-another-dimension and I’ve got to say, being that Bill Skarsgard’s biggest claim to fame is the Divergent series, I am worried. He’s not his brother, Alex, aka that vampire Eric from True Blood. Then again, he does have the right sort of look for it. Big red nose. Pasty white skin. Perfect.

When Flixist reported on the adaptation back in 2012, the working theory was that they’d make the book into two movies, one that deals with one timeline as the main characters are children, and a second that deals with them as adults, when they return to Derry, Maine to finish the job. Turns out we guess good. Real good. Look for two movies, the first to arrive September 8, 2017.

Look for your nightmares to return, shortly thereafter: you will never look at a storm drain the same way, again.

[Via Variety]