BioShock’s Ken Levine making an interactive Twilight Zone movie


BioShock director Ken Levine is teaming with Interlude to explore the intersection of gaming and film: his next stop is The Twilight Zone. According to Wired, Levine and Interlude are finalizing their deal to use the tropes and title of Rod Serling’s landmark anthology series to create an original interactive film.

Details are currently vague. Levine likened The Twilight Zone to morality plays and fables that used characters and situations to explore the human condition. He added that the show excelled at “building empathy between you and the character.”

“Mixing that with agency is something that I’ve always cared a lot about,” Levine said, excited by using The Twilight Zone as a new space to explore those possibilities. “How I’m going to do that is–that will be what this thing’s about. Telling you how I’m going to do it would kind of spoil it.”

I remember watching Twilight Zone marathons as a kid and wonder what an added element of agency might do to that brand of moralistic storytelling. Will a decision tree add to the connection someone feels, sort of like in the Walking Dead games? Or is this just a glorified version of Wirehead?

What do you think about an interactive Twilight Zone movie? Do you have a favorite Twilight Zone episode? Share your thoughts in the comments.

[via Wired]

Hubert Vigilla
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