Black Adam gets a 2021 release date


Dwayne Johnson has been many things. The former wrestler-turned-nicest-man-in-show business has battled through insane video games, befriended giant apes, been fast (and furious), and still had energy left to spare. Now, he’s going to be super.

With social media weight that would make the Rock of Gibraltar blush, Johnson took to Instagram and Twitter today to give the people an update on his Black Adam film with DC. Looong talked about as a dream role for the star, the film would serve as a companion and continuation of Shazam!, wherein Johnson plays the titular supervillain and nemesis of Billy Batson. Johnson gave fans a peek today at what lies ahead for the DC Universe.

Accompanying the poster–credited to DC legend Jim Lee and Internet favorite BossLogic–Johnson gave a heartfelt message expressing how much the role means to him, recalling how he “dreamed about being a superhero” growing up, but felt “too rebellious. Too rambunctious. Too resistant to convention and authority,” for the role of a character like Superman.

The full message can be found on Instagram where, interestingly, Johnson characterizes Black Adam as a superhero. Albeit, one who doesn’t “toe the mark or walk the line.” Typically Black Adam is a nasty piece of business in his literary appearances, but it seems the heads at DC and Warner Bros wouldn’t want to besmirch the name of Dwayne Johnson too much.

Black Adam, as per the man himself, will hit theaters December 22, 2021. Hurry up and wait!

Post by @therock [Instagram]