Black Widow film nabs Stranger Things star David Harbour


The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that David Harbour of Stranger Things fame will be joining the cast of Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow film. Still officially unannounced, the movie will be the first solo project for Scarlett Johansson under the MCU banner. Production is set to begin this June in London with Cate Shortland (Lore) directing.

What role Harbour will be playing has yet to be revealed. Since the film is supposedly set before the first Avengers film, it could be any number of people from Marvel’s past. The recent success of Captain Marvel has shown that each successive MCU film doesn’t need to be a sequel, so there is the expectation that Black Widow could do very well with its prologue status.

My main hope for Black Widow is that Johansson finally gets a consistent character arc for her role. Despite putting in some solid work in each Marvel film she’s appeared in, the character of Black Widow has basically had multiple personalities. It would be fantastic to finally establish something in her past for why she’s so erratic, or at least create some groundwork to later develop her as we move in “Phase 4.”

Stranger Things‘ Star David Harbour Joins Scarlett Johansson in Marvel’s ‘Black Widow‘ (Exclusive) [Hollywood Reporter]

Peter Glagowski
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