Black Widow gets her solo film in May 2020


Since appearing way back in Iron Man 2 nearly ten years ago, SHIELD special agent and former Russian badwoman Natasha Romanoff has been pining for a real spotlight. The Black Widow’s time has come, with her solo feature outing hitting theaters May 1, 2020.

Viewers of Endgame will no doubt have some questions as to Black Widow‘s featured story, though no doubt the wizards at Marvel Studios will give us some compelling action and espionage for everyone’s favorite spider-themed superhero.

Cate Shortland directs Scarlett Johansson in her well-worn iconic role, with David Harbour, Florence Pugh, and others lending their chops.

Details are sparse, but expect to hear more about Black Widow in the coming months before it hits theaters next May. Less than one year!

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