Black Widow’s final trailer busts some covert ops heads

Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Official Trailer

We’ve already caught a good look at Black Widow, the long overdue solo film for the titular Avenger, but with this final trailer Marvel Studios is peeling back an extra layer of covert intrigue and super soldier initiatives for its upcoming actioneer.

Former Soviet spook Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) carved a name for herself as a do-gooder, but a checkered past begets those super spy moves. Revisiting old allies to right a wrong, Black Widow looks to be a lower-stakes entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and yet…

… Some of the most satisfying aspects of the MCU are the surprise introduction of major plot points, so there will no doubt be morsels to hint at future radical developments for these films in a post-Endgame world. Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour round out the Black Widow roster, assembling a slew of Romanoff’s old wetwork cohorts for the old “one last job.”

Me, I’m just happy Taskmaster’s in action. The classic mercenary mimic of the Avengers books doesn’t have the snazziest of screen duds, I’ll confess, but hopefully they nail some personality to go with that stoic paintball mask. Fingers crossed for something closer to the second Captain America film, or even the Iron Man trilogy; smaller stories set in a big world.

With Black Widow still slated for a May 1st release it won’t be long before the next wave of Marvel films start to hit theaters, and the cosmic epic The Eternals gallivanting through space this November.