Black Widow’s Super Bowl ad is mostly a reminder that the film exists

Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Big Game Spot

Unless you’ve just completely channeled out the Marvel films after Endgame, it’s kind of hard to forget that Black Widow is coming this year. A film that should have happened about a decade earlier, this latest Super Bowl ad doesn’t do anything to reveal new details about the project. It’s just kind of a fluff piece to remind us that Scarlett Johansson has one film left in her MCU contract.

I want to champion this as a welcome move for diversity, but I’m just so bored by what I’ve seen. Johansson is an excellent actress, but Black Widow is one of the most inconsistent characters in the MCU. She’s basically a different person in each film. This movie doesn’t look to expand her arc beyond that, either.

I know I’m probably just yelling into the void, but I do hope this ends up okay. Nothing Marvel has produced thus far has been a flop and I’d hate to see Johansson’s last turn in the franchise as the straw that broke the camel’s back. She deserves better than that.

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Big Game Spot [Marvel Entertainment via YouTube]

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