Blade Runner 2 script is finished, brings back Harrison Ford


We’ve been hearing about the Blade Runner sequel for nigh on forever now, but it looks like one giant hurdle has been leaped: the screenplay is finished. Ridley Scott told EW as much while also telling them that it was “damn good.” Considering the fact that the film brings back Harrison Ford’s character as “a survivor after all these years” we’re not convinced.

The director’s cut of the original film leaves the ending very open to interpretation on whether Ford’s detective is alive (or ever was) and now this sequel seems to be blowing it all out of the water. Years of debate and analysis and though ruined. This is not to mention that the ambiguity is one of the things that made the film so great. I suppose if you go by the theatrical release’s ending this is all in line though, but who wants to do that. 

There’s no ETA on when Blade Runner 2 will get rolling, but it will probably be awhile as Scott has other projects in the works including Martian and the Prometheus sequel, which the screenplays for are also completed. 

[via EW]

Matthew Razak
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