Blade Runner and Alien TV series coming from Ridley Scott


Ridley Scott: Is he a man, or an unceasing cinematic machine? With two feature films releasing this year, the acclaimed filmmaker has also confirmed his work developing Blade Runner and Alien series for television, adapting two of science-fiction’s most iconic franchises. Not to mention, two more of his films.

Scott has confirmed that a pilot is finished for the Blade Runner series, with the series bible set for a roughly-ten-hour runtime. So, ten hour-long episodes? The news comes after the premiere of Blade Runner: Black Lotus, the animated series now airing on Adult Swim.

Additionally, the xenomorphs are getting in on the action with an Alien series of a similar size coming to FX, courtesy of showrunner Noah Hawley (FargoLegion). The series has been announced for awhile now, with it being touted as “the first ‘Alien’ story set on Earth,” and a tonal mix of the original’s horror and the action of Aliens. Gotta keep that viewership guessing!

The Blade Runner series sounds as if Scott is a little more involved, though the specifics are still in pre-production. With Alien coming to FX and Blade Runner seemingly not set at any particular network, expect to be hearing much more about both in the coming months.

With prestige television increasingly on the rise the turn for future Alien and Blade Runner projects to the small screen isn’t particularly surprising. With the gargantuan budgets of streaming platforms and talent flocking to serialized productions, one can only hope these two titans of pop culture get the treatment they deserve.

Source: Variety