Blade Runner pop-up bar coming to LA in November to show us how far we’ve strayed from the path


Pop-up bars are so blasé at this point. They have truly lived up to their name as they seemingly pop up all the time in the major cities of the world, mostly to latch onto whatever the current cultural zeitgeist is and pull some extra cash from suckers. Well, consider me to be a sucker because I want to be in Los Angeles come this November.

Nexus 2019 will be a Los Angeles pop up bar themed after the classic noir-science fiction film Blade Runner, but why now all of a sudden? It’s because the movie takes place in the 1982 vision of what November 2019 might look like in Los Angeles. We’re a bit off in the amount of neon per storefront and I doubt LA will be seeing the deluge of rain that they saw in the film but hey at least we get the paranoia of a surveillance state and can get drunk off Blade Runner cocktails?

You can see what the bar is supposed to look like in the gallery below as well as some of the cocktails that will be served. No word on the menu yet but expect a lot of noodles and at least one android themed dish. Tickets for the event will be 82 dollars and the event will run through the entire month. Pre-orders are suggested as they expect the space to sell out rather quickly.

Anthony Marzano
Anthony Marzano likes long talks in naturally-lit diners and science fiction movies about what it means to be human.