Blade Runner soundtrack getting vinyl re-release


This is yet another film soundtrack getting a re-release on vinyl. And we already know that a Blade Runner sequel may eventually happen along with a Prometheus sequel. What does that mean for you? Well to get you in the Blade Runner mood, the official Vangelis release for Blade Runner is a new pressing on 180 gram red vinyl.

The original score is an awesome melodic, dark synthesized score which mirrors the film-noir retro-future that the setting of the film has. It is obvious why it was nominated for the BAFTA and Golden Globe award back in 1983. For a long time though, there wasn’t a release of the soundtrack except for a few bootlegs here and there and then a 3-disc set in 2007.

The Playlist says that Audio Fidelity is releasing the set, and that Amazon said the release will be on April 16th. Check out what the cover and vinyl will look like below.

[via ThePlaylist]