Blade Runner writer in talks for 2, female lead unrelated


So we all know that Blade Runner 2: Electric Boogaloo is a thing, but we haven’t gotten much information outside of conflicting reports about Harrison Ford’s involvement. Well, now we know a couple of things.

1) The protagonist will be female (boring).

2) Writer Hampton Fancher, who penned the screenplay for the original film, is in talks to write this one as well (interesting).

If Wikipedia is to be believed, this will be the first screenplay he’ll be writing since the turn of the century, which is a pretty long time to be away from it.

But I’m inclined to trust Ridley Scott’s judgement on it, and that is entirely because of how amazing Prometheus looks. If Scott can awesome-ify a look back at one old franchise, who’s to say he can’t do it again? Like Prometheus, Blade Runner 2: Blade Harder looks to expand on the universe with a completely different cast of characters, so that’s good.

My only worry is that the film will give some kind of closure to the original’s ambiguously depressing ending. As long as the original film’s story remains untarnished, Blade Runner 2: Vengeance can do whatever it likes.

[Via ComingSoon and Collider]