Blade will be appearing in Marvel’s Phase Five

Marvel's Kevin Feige Says Blade Reboot Is Not Part of Phase 4

This past weekend saw a tremendous info dump about the future of Disney and Marvel’s MCU. Along with confirming every film and TV series we’ll be getting in the next two years, it also detailed what “Phase Four” for the company will be. The announcement of Mahershala Ali in the rebooted Blade got people thinking it would be a part of this new phase, but that turns out to be false. Collider caught up with Marvel’s Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con and confirmed that we’ll be waiting quite a bit to see the return of everyone’s favorite vampire hunter.

“It is the complete Phase Four the way I announced the complete Phase Three five years ago,” Feige said. “Things can move, things can change as they did if you go back and look at what we talked about five years ago for Phase Three, but we’ve been working on this for quite a while and it’s pretty set. But there are always changes possible.” I suppose that leaves the door open for Blade to potentially make an entrance in 2021, but it seems unlikely.

This news also confirms that whatever form Black Panther 2 and Captain Marvel 2 take will not be a part of Phase Four. I suppose even the X-Men and Fantastic Four reboots aren’t included, which seems like a missed opportunity (they could have called it Phase “Fantastic” Four, for crying out loud!). Whatever happens, though, don’t expect Ali to don the trenchcoat and glasses before 2022.

Kevin Feige Confirms Comic-Con Slate Is Marvel’s Complete Phase 4; ‘Blade‘ Is Phase 5 [Collider]

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