Blockbuster Express goes on a hike… a price hike


In recent news that is sure to concern people who acquire movies through legal means (and what minute percentage of that don’t use Redbox or Netflix), Blockbuster Express (or Bluebox, as I like to call it) has just followed suit with increasing their pricing structure. It’s going to be $3 for “Hot Movies” made available within the first 28 days of its release, 2$ for “Recent Releases” that have been available for more than 28 days, and then 1$ for all other releases available for more than 90 days… including, presumably, 28 Days Later.

There’s also Blu-rays to consider, which cost an extra dollar to rent, and each night is an additional dollar… So, what was their pricing structure like before? I really have no idea, but people who use “Bluebox” surely know, so I’ll let them designate their emotional outrage over this shocking news.

[Via Engadget]