Blockchain-powered streaming service Binge bought the wordwide rights to Luke Wilson-led drug comedy The Shitheads


The Luke Wilson and Ron Funches comedy The Shitheads is going to have a worldwide release, as its rights were just purchased. Better yet, it will be one of the first movies to harness the complete power of the blockchain.

Another new streaming service is going to attempt to vie for attention in the crowded marketplace, but this one is different. It’s going to use the blockchain, and it’s called Binge.

It couldn’t be more of-the-internet, if it tried.

The service, as a part of Slate Entertainment Group, is going to use a crypto-currency (of course), though how that works is foggy (of course). Binge will act as their VOD platform, which does sound like it’s going to use the blockchain to maybe separate movies into pieces and then have them stream from other computers to a streaming device. SEG believes the service and currency will be more secure and transparent than traditional methods and will allow better and more robust data for creators to analyze when making content for the platform.

And I don’t know if that makes sense. I feel like I understand how blockchain stuff works for currencies, but for a streaming service? Is this just fluff, or does SEG have a plan that could shake up the entertainment industry? I don’t know. Maybe no one does. But this sounds like the flashiest flash-in-the-plan venture I’ve heard of recently.

The Shitheads itself sounds like it could be a cool movie, though. Written and directed by Macon Blair, the film will follow Wilson and Funches as they bumble their way through taking a teenage millionaire to rehab. No doubt hijinks ensue.

The movie should go into production sometime in 2019.

Kyle Yadlosky
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