Blodcast II: Bloodfeud

The Blood Grinder Blodcast - Week Two

The Blood Grinder guys are back with another blood-soaked podcast blodcast! The faux, in-world newscast portion is awesomely cheesy, from the names of those involved to the newscaster’s sign off at the end. The actual podcast portion is great, as Nick, Dave, and Matt, the maniacs behind The Blood Grinder, update us all on their progress ($3,275 of their $15,000 goal in just a week!), shower me and the site with oh-so-well-deserved praise, show some hilarious concept art for the titular Blood Grinder, and go in-depth about their film of the week, Dario Argento’s Deep Red. Check it out!

Also, if you want to support these handsome devils and their mission to make The Blood Grinder the big budget bloodbath it should be, check out their Kickstarter page, and to keep abreast of their progress, don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Hold on to your blood!