Blodcast IV: The Final Chapter*

The Blood Grinder Blodcast - Week Four

*There will be many more Blodcasts after this one.

The Blood Grinder boys are back with yet another Blodcast! This week we receive the supposed Blood Grinder’s verdict, get another update on the fundraising side of things, and the guys talk about Carpenter’s classic Escape From New York. One thing they didn’t mention was getting talked up by Jason Mewes on Kevin Smith’s podcast! That’s pretty flippin’ cool.

This weekend, I will be getting together with these madmen at the ninja-themed restaurant Ninja New York for sushi, sake, and shenanigans. Expect a full report with pictures whence I return!

As always, you can visit their Kickstarter to pledge any amount to help them make the big-budget prequel to The Blood Grinder. For even more info about The Blood Grinder, check out the The Blood Grinder Facebook and Twitter.