Blodcast V: House of the Grinding Blood

The Blood Grinder Blodcast - Week Five

The Blood Grinder is dead…or is he!?

I had a pretty awesome adventure in the city with the Blood Grinder guys this weekend. We took on a group of ninjas and beat them so severely that they made us a multi-course dinner and served us much beer and saki. You can check out the pictures in the gallery. My biggest regret is I forgot to get a picture of Dave wearing a crab head hat. Before I knew it, the ninjas had used their ninja swiftness to clear the table. Next time, Ninjas, next time.

This week’s Blodcast deals with the execution of the supposed culprit behind all the blood grinding that’s gone on lately. They also discuss Hot Fuzz, one of my top ten favorite movies of all time, and show off more concept art.

Last night I got to sit down with the boys and have a good old fashion interview. Keep your eyes peeled later this evening for that!

As always, you can visit their Kickstarter to pledge any amount to help them make the big-budget prequel to The Blood Grinder. For even more info about The Blood Grinder, check out the The Blood Grinder Facebook and Twitter.