Blodcast VI: The Blood & the Beautiful

The Blood Grinder Blodcast - Week Six

It’s that time once again, ladies and germs. Time for another blodcast! This week, we pick up three years later only to find out an aptly-named stripper has met her end in a very familiar fashion. Is the Blood Grinder back from the dead? Or did they put an innocent man to death?

Also, the Blood Grinder guys talk about how Evil Dead 2 is such a great analogue for The Blood Grinder. And Dave is a stop-motion animated Bebop action figure. They get extra points for that.

If you didn’t check it out yet, have a listen to the awesome interview I had with the guys late last week!

As always, you can visit their Kickstarter to pledge any amount to help them make the big-budget prequel to The Blood Grinder. For even more info about The Blood Grinder, check out the The Blood Grinder Facebook and Twitter.