Blofeld appearance hinted at for Bond 23


The legal debacles surrounding the Bond franchise lasted for decades and eventually caused Bond’s main rival, Blofeld, to be completely removed from the franchise (except for a man who looked suspiciously like Blofeld in the opening of For Your Eyes Only). Now, however, the legal battles are kind of over thanks to death, the courts and corporate buyouts so that means Blofeld might be able to return and he might be doing it in Bond 23

The film’s screenwriter hinted at it strongly as told by WhatCulture!: “Rather interestingly, during the talk last night Logan was reminded by an audience member of a quote that he said some ten years ago that, in his opinion, ‘Bond should always fight Blofeld.’ When pressed on this he gave a wry smile and said ‘Bond should always fight Blofeld.’

In my opinion, Bond should not always fight Blofeld. The loss of the character due to the legal battle over rights for Thunderball opened up the Bond films to a variety of villains and allowed for better plots and more interesting characters. However, if they are bringing Blofeld back then I can’t think of better casting than Javier Bardem, who would imbue the character with true menace like Telly Savalis did instead of campy ludicrousness like every other actor. It’s also worth noting that Bardem’s character may only be like Blofeld, much like the Quantum organization in the Craig films is like SPECTRE. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Matthew Razak
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