Bloggers Wanted: Best/Worst of Summer 2012


[Reminder! Last chance to tell us what you thought about 2012’s summer movies. Awesome blogs will be featured on the front page!]

Sad to say it, but with August comes the eventual ending of Summer. People will be going back to school soon, and with that we’ll begin the countdown to Winter’s movie boom-time around Christmas. But before that, how about we chat a bit about what you thought about the movies of Summer 2012? What did you think was the best? What about the worst movie you saw this Summer? Best or worst actor? Most under or overrated?

Write us a blog (doesn’t need to be long, but can be if you want!)(and don’t forget pictures!) about your thoughts about the Summer movies of 2012, and title it “Best/Worst of Summer 2012: Blablabla” and I promise we’ll feature some sweet, sweet community opinions on Flixist’s front page! You have until the end of August, so get crackin’!