Bloggers Wanted: Blank is such a blank


All right, we’re doing something a little bit different for Bloggers Wanted this month, so read carefully. We’ve all got some weirdly strong feelings about certain people in the film industry. I’ve got friends who despise people from John Cusack to Elizabeth Banks with no explicable reason. Then again, we all have those people who we absolutely love, or those who we have some other weird opinion about.

That’ll be the topic this month, and you’ll frame it with a simple sentence: [Your chosen personality] is such a [whatever descriptive noun you choose]. All you need to do to participate is head over to the blogs and write a new one using the title above; no colons necessary this month. Please use the “Bloggers Wanted Response” tag so you can get that tingly “official” feeling. Don’t have enough to say to justify a full blog? Think harder. Or, you know, leave a comment and get a discussion going right here. Click through for some tips.

Increase your odds at a home page promotion
Don’t blow your odds by messing up the basics.  Get this stuff right and you’re 80% there:

– Write a punchy headline (make it clever!)
– Use your real voice, but write complete sentences and mind your punctuation.
– Put a header photo and supporting images in your story (nobody likes a wall of text)
– We prefer the old school formula: opening paragraph introducing two or three arguments, a paragraph or two for each argument, and a wrap up
– Copy/paste it from a Word Processor.  You see those big red squiggly lines?  Those are incomplete phrases.  You may want to tidy that up, dear.
– Make it fun!  Don’t bore people with your encyclopedic knowledge of film or they’ll steal your red stapler.