Bloggers Wanted: Haunted


[Hey dudes and ladies, sorry for the lack of reminders this month. If you’re a bit late getting a blog in because of that, no worries. I won’t chop your legs off for it. No promises on chopping for other reasons. – Kauza]

A quick note before we get started. There were some really nice blogs from last month. Great job everyone! “Erm, then why the hell weren’t any of them promoted?” Good question, hypothetical reader! Some issues with the conversion over to the new site design prevented me from promoting, so the great blogs posted for last month’s musing will be promoted this month along with any awesome blogs for the new topic. Sorry!

Now that the poop’s cleaned up, let’s talk about October. It’s the month where scary stuff is supposed to happen, all leading up to the pumpkin holiday. But everyone talks about scary stuff in October; I want to talk about haunting. What has truly haunted you? Bear in mind that something doesn’t have to come from a horror film to haunt you — it might be something like a musical theme, a specific shot, something hauntingly beautiful, or whatever you think fits the theme.

If your blog give my man brain more pleasure that your average haunted house, I might toss your work up to haunt the Flixist front page for a spell. Title your juice “Haunted: [Your happy word title here] and please use the “Bloggers Wanted Response” tag so you can get that tingly “official” feeling. Don’t have enough to say to justify a full blog? Think harder. Or, you know, leave a comment and get a discussion going right here. Click through for some tips.

Increase your odds at a home page promotion
Don’t blow your odds by messing up the basics.  Get this stuff right and you’re 80% there:

– Write a punchy headline (make it clever!)
– Use your real voice, but write complete sentences and mind your punctuation.
– Put a header photo and supporting images in your story (nobody likes a wall of text)
– We prefer the old school formula: opening paragraph introducing two or three arguments, a paragraph or two for each argument, and a wrap up
– Copy/paste it from a Word Processor.  You see those big red squiggly lines?  Those are incomplete phrases.  You may want to tidy that up, dear.
– Make it fun!  Don’t bore people with your encyclopedic knowledge of film or they’ll steal your red stapler.