Bloggers Wanted: Humanimals


For my first Bloggers Wanted call as the new Community Manager, I’m going to go with a topic that hits close to my heart. Humanimals. What is a Humanimal, you ask? well, it’s basically any combination of humans and animals, with surprisingly sexy results. And yes, I mostly chose this topic to annoy Geoff Henao.

This amazing bestial combo happens often in movies – think The Shaggy Dog, (pictured above) Homeward Bound, or Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. What’s your favorite of these “Humanimovies“? Which do you think is the worst? Write up a blog about it titled “Humanimals: Blablabla” except, you know, replace Blablabla with actual words, and if you dream big and work hard, your blog may appear on the front page! I’m keeping the parameters pretty loose on this one, so dig in! As for last month’s Bloggers Wanted topic “The award goes to:” I’ll give you all until the end of the week to get in those last minute blogs!

(Flixist not responsible for not big enough dreams)