Bloggers Wanted: Speaking My Language


[September is almost over! Hurry up and write your community blogs about subtitles for a chance to be featured on our front page!]

Subtitles. They’re kind of a contested thing. Some people hate them, some people love them, and some people hardly even notice them. For this edition of Bloggers Wanted, give us your opinion on subtitles, or give us an example of a movie that you love despite it being in another language, or that you felt was held back by the subtitles. You could even bring the subject of language dubbing into the mix if you feel so inclined!

Let us know your thoughts on the community blogs with the title “Speaking My Language: titleofyourblog” and you might be featured on Flixist’s front page at the end of the month! Awesome job with the blogs lately too, guys – and if you have an idea for a Bloggers Wanted call that you’d like to see, then send me an email at [email protected]!