Bloggers Wanted: Summer Movies


[I’ve decided to be “generous” and give you all until the end of this week to write up your Summatime blogs! Hurry up and enter!]

Yay! It’s Summertime! Hot days, short shorts, no school, and plenty of time to watch movies. For this month’s Blogger’s Wanted, tell us all about your favorite Summer movies! This could be a movie you like to watch on a rainy (or too hot) Summer’s day, a movie that takes place in or reminds you of Summer, or you could even tell us about that time you went to see a screening of something in the park!

Just write something up on our Community Blogs and put “Summer Movies:” at the beginning of the title, and your blog could be featured on the front page! Yes, it’s that easy! You can even check out past promoted blogs here.