Bloggers Wanted: Superhuman


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about this summer, it’s that there are way too many superhero movies coming out. I can’t come up with the motivation to see that many superhero films, and it’s getting to the point where I can’t imagine what else these movies can really do. How many do we need?

So for this month’s Bloggers Wanted, I’m leaving the topic open. I want you to write something about superhero movies. Write about your favorite. Write about how to do the perfect superhero movie. Write about Why Captain America will be the worst movie ever made. Anything mentioning a superhero qualifies.

All you need to do to have your blog considered for the front page is write up a community blog post with the title “Superhuman: Your title here” and make it not suck. Easy? Easy. If you’d rather have a short thought or discussion, use the comments here to get something going. Look for some tips after the break.

Increase your odds at a home page promotion
Don’t blow your odds by messing up the basics.  Get this stuff right and you’re 80% there:

– Write a punchy headline (make it clever!)
– Use your real voice, but write complete sentences and mind your punctuation.
– Put a header photo and supporting images in your story (nobody likes a wall of text)
– We prefer the old school formula: opening paragraph introducing two or three arguments, a paragraph or two for each argument, and a wrap up
– Copy/paste it from a Word Processor.  You see those big red squiggly lines?  Those are incomplete phrases.  You may want to tidy that up, dear.
– Make it fun!  Don’t bore people with your encyclopedic knowledge of film or they’ll steal your red stapler.