Bloggers Wanted: The award goes to


Award shows are obnoxious. We all know that. Awards themselves, though, can be their very own source of annoyance. Sure, you can be that annoying guy who goes, “OMG I don’t agree with some of the winners so the awards are crap!” Or you can do it better.

Since award shows are just people who said stuff was better than other stuff, we can give our own awards to those people that really missed out. So, this month, give an award. Give it to a movie, a person, a hot dog – whatever you want.

Get your thoughts together and load a post into our blogs with the title “The award goes to Whatever you want”. Please use the “Bloggers Wanted Response” tag so you can get that tingly “official” feeling. Don’t have enough to say to justify a full blog? Think harder. Or, you know, leave a comment and get a discussion going right here. Click through for some tips.

Need to know more than just these few tips? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Everything Flixist.

  • Please proofread. Your blog shouldn’t be a mess of misspellings and half-finished sentences.
  • Lead off your blog with an image, just like a header image used on the front page.
  • Write an intro of a paragraph or two to tell us what you’re talking about and why we should keep reading.
  • Find the sweet spot of length. Don’t make it too short that you can’t offer a complete thought or so long that Thomas Pynchon wouldn’t be able to finish it. Being as weird as Pynchon is totally encouraged, though.
  • Every few paragraphs, put in a new image. It makes your blog pretty like Alison Brie and makes people want to sex it like Alison Brie.
  • Have fun! Let your voice come through. Let us get to know you. Sing your own special song. Let your light shine. Turn on your heartlight. Also, don’t be cliched.