Bloggers Wanted: This is the place


I groan a little bit whenever I hear someone say that a set or location in a film is just like another character. That said, sometimes it’s true. Sometimes, the setting or the world of a movie is the best part – or the only good part.

So for this month’s topic, tell us about the setting of a film. While this will naturally be something about how great a setting is in a particular film, it can really be anything – when a movie screwed up, etc. Be creative, go nuts.

Get your thoughts together and load a post into our blogs with the title “This is the place: Whatever you want”. Please use the “Bloggers Wanted Response” tag so you can get that tingly “official” feeling. Don’t have enough to say to justify a full blog? Think harder. Or, you know, leave a comment and get a discussion going right here. Click through for some tips.

Need to know more than just these few tips? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Everything Flixist.

  • Please proofread. Your blog shouldn’t be a mess of misspellings and half-finished sentences.
  • Lead off your blog with an image, just like a header image used on the front page.
  • Write an intro of a paragraph or two to tell us what you’re talking about and why we should keep reading.
  • Find the sweet spot of length. Don’t make it too short that you can’t offer a complete thought or so long that Thomas Pynchon wouldn’t be able to finish it. Being as weird as Pynchon is totally encouraged, though.
  • Every few paragraphs, put in a new image. It makes your blog pretty like Alison Brie and makes people want to sex it like Alison Brie.
  • Have fun! Let your voice come through. Let us get to know you. Sing your own special song. Let your light shine. Turn on your heartlight. Also, don’t be cliched.