Blood Glacier looks gory, has the best title ever

Blood Glacier - Official US Trailer

BLOOD GLACIER. Guys. This movie’s called Blood Glacier. I can’t believe this exists and can’t believe it hasn’t already existed. In Blood Glacier, a team of glacial researchers (and their trusty and adorable dog) studying in the German Alps come across a strange, oozing red substance spurting from an icy cavern — the Blood Glacier. When the red substance comes into contact with the local wildlife, it mutates them into nightmarish biological contortions!

I’m not generally a big horror fan, especially when it comes to graphic gore flicks, but apparently the idea that Blood Glacier is trying to harken back to is classic horror “creature features,” so at least it’s attempting to reference an established genre and can perhaps play off of that. I do love that the trailer itself has absolutely no dialogue – just scary images, screaming and heavy breathing. Awesome way to cut a horror movie trailer.

Blood Glacier will ooze into theaters May 2nd, 2014.

[via /Film]