Blood Grinder Trilogy of Terror: Blodcasts 11, 12 and 13

The Blood Grinder Blodcast - Week Thirteen

This is it, my friends. Zero hour. There’s less than 30 hours left to help the Blood Grinder guys meet their goal. Thirteen weeks flew by, and I have to tell you, no matter what happens at the end of the day tomorrow, it’s been purely awesome.

I beseech you, if you have ten, five, even one dollar to spare, head over to the Blood Grinder Kickstarter and pledge. If they reach their goal, we’ll all be better for it and you’ll have played a part in that success. If they don’t (knock on wood), you don’t get charged a thing. There’s literally no downside to pledging.

Friends of Flixist, fans of comedy-horror, supporters of independent crusades, let’s make this happen.

Stay tuned to Flixist for all your Blood Grinder needs and hit the jump for the last two weeks worth of blood grinding.

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