Blue Sky Studios is producing a new Peanuts movie


Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios have finally closed the deal on the rights to Peanuts– the Charles Schultz written comic strip starring characters such as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, that one dirty kid, that one kid with the blanket, and so on. Fox Animation plans to put a new Peanuts movie out by November 25th, 2015. The release date of the new film will coincide with the 65th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strip and the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas which admittedly is pretty neat. 

And as you probably can tell by the header, I’m pretty cynical about the idea. The Charlie Brown specials are something close to me (but the newer ones don’t have the same kick unfortunately) and this is one of those “don’t you dare touch it, you jerks” properties for me. Although I will be cautiously optimistic that the new movie is going to be well done. Deadline reports that the deal between Fox and the Schultz family took two years, and the family wouldn’t have agreed if the details weren’t just right. They’re also involved in the production since Craig Schultz is writing the screenplay and is set to produce with other members of his family. 

So…I’m going to just hope that this turns out okay. Wait a minute…isn’t Blue Sky Studios all CG animation? Are they the ones that did Horton Hears A Who? Will Charlie Brown be CG instead of hand drawn? I don’t like this anymore stop touching my childhood memories you jerks. 

[via Deadline]