Blumhouse Productions developing a Dracula film with Karyn Kusama


Blumhouse, the production company known for many of the horror of recent years, from the Paranormal Activity films and Jordan Peele’s Get Out to the recent breakout hit Universal monster remake, adaptation The Invisible Man. Looking to keep the spooky times rolling, the studio is turning to another oldie-but-goodie with an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale. And they’re bringing heat to the director’s seat.

Karyn Kusama is a veteran director, having helmed features like Aeon Flux and Jennifer’s Body as well as television with episodes of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire and HBO’s recent adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider. Her crowning achievement, the hardboiled LA crime drama Destroyer was one of the more under-seen and under-discussed films of 2018, garnering some critical praise but largely fizzling out at the box office. 

Set to head the Dracula project, Kusama’s film will be the second of Blumhouse’s collaborations with Universal in the realm of adapting their classic slate of monster films. The Invisible Man, taking inspiration from James Whale’s 1933 film and HG Wells’ novel, both of the same title. Given the box office success of The Invisible Man, a continued partnership with Blumhouse seems like a wise move on Universal’s part.

Details on Blumhouse’s Dracula are minimal, though it’s said that Destroyer writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi are attached to the project in that same capacity. I’m eager to see Kusama sharpen her stake for a new project, and now just want to rewatch Destroyer.

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