Bob Hoskins announces retirement


I watched Michael, the film in which John Travolta plays an endearingly slovenly angel, at my aunt’s house one day when I was a child. I’d arrived after it started, walking in during a scene in which, as I recall, tabloid editor Bob Hoskins tells his reporter Andie MacDowell of her assignment to investigate Michael. “It’s Bob Hoskins,” I announced, having, at that point in my life, spent a considerable amount of it obsessed with Hook and Super Mario Bros. My aunt then asked me if I could have mistaken the actor for Danny DeVito, and I instantly inferred a small argument that must have occurred between her and her daughter, my cousin, regarding his identity. “Maybe,” I said, “but it’s Bob Hoskins.”

It was days like that that I knew I’d eventually end up writing for a moderately popular film blog. Sadly, I did not anticipate writing news like this (mostly I imagined writing news of my own comedy-superhero film series, Super Jason, releasing its third sequel to massive critical acclaim and financial success).

Apparently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last fall, Bob Hoskins has today announced his retirement from acting, to spend his life privately in the comfort of his family, who may or may not occasionally mistake him for Danny DeVito. Hoskins will doubtlessly be remembered for his starring role in the ever-amazing Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as well as parts in Brazil and the original BBC serial Pennies from Heaven. His final screen performance will now be this year’s Snow White and the Huntsman.

My love of Super Mario Bros., which transcends irony, has another layer added to the accompanying remorseful sigh that escapes me whenever I mention it. All it needs now is for John Leguizamo to be convicted of a morally reprehensible crime.

[via ComingSoon]