Bob Hoskins REALLY regrets Super Mario Brothers


Bob Hoskins has had a pretty good career over the years. With a hundred film and television projects to his name, the British thespian have been apart of such great films like Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, Mona Lisa and Hook. Still, no matter how great you are, there’s still bound to be an awful project that follows your life and negates everything you accomplished. For Bob Hoskins, that regret is the film adaptation of Super Mario Bros.

In between speaking on his hatred for Tony Blair and expressing his desire to own a Dodo bird as a pet, UK rag The Guardian asked Sir Hoskins (I assume he’s a knight because he’s British) what was the worst job he’s ever done, to which he simply replied “Super Mario Brothers”. When The Guardian asks what has been his biggest disappointment and if he could edit his past, what would he change, Hoskins reiterated his answer of “Super Mario Brothers”. SHEEESH!

I know that the film adaptation of Super Mario Bros. has a bit of a tarnished record, what with the 13% RottenTomatoes rating and the late (and great) Dennis Hopper saying he only did the film so he could buy his son shoes, but I for one belong to the school of thought that the movie was actually kinda cool. Granted they bastardized the source material and it contains some of the hokiest acting and special effects ever committed to celluloid, but I find it to be such a radical departure from the game that it becomes this interesting cyber punk take on a videogame that didn’t have much substance to begin with. I’m sure my love for the Super Mario Bros. movie will have me crucified, but please sound off in the comments if you agree with me, just so I know I’m not alone in this world.

[Via The Guardian]