Bobcat Goldthwait to bring violence in God Bless America


I used to work for Blockbuster, back when there was such a thing as Blockbuster, and every now and then, they would give us a chance to pick through a pile of movies that were to be tossed. One of the movies I took home with me was Sleeping Dogs Lie, a film by nails-on-a-chalkboard-voiced comedian Bobcat Goldthwait. It dealt with a fairly raunchy topic, but did it very well, and I was quite pleased that the talking rabbit puppet from Unhappily Ever After had moved into writing and directing. A few years later, he came out with World’s Greatest Dad, starring Robin Williams and the little brother from Spy Kids, which was similarly awesome.

Now, he’s coming out with a new film entitled God Bless America, which premiers next month at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it sounds like he’ll be going for a hat trick of awesome dark comedies.

Here’s how Goldthwait describes it: “There’s a middle aged guy and he’s at home watching a show like My Super Sweet 16. There’s always a horrible kid who gets everything she wants. ‘I wanted an Escalade! You ruined everything!’ So he’s sitting at home watching a show like that and he drives 400 miles and kills that girl — spoiler alert! — and then her classmate is going ‘Did you kill Chloe?’ He doesn’t say anything, and she goes ‘awesome.’ So then they get in this stolen Camero and drive around and kill people.” And it starts Joel Murray of Shameless!?

Shut up and take my money!

[Via WorstPreviews]